Volume Stories is a radio show & podcast dedicated to improving the state of radio journalism in Africa.


Radio is Africa’s most powerful and penetrative medium. It goes places TV and print media are unable to reach. Yet it is by far the least-used for investigative storytelling. Our mission is to reverse that.

We are going to give millions of radio listeners the high quality journalism they deserve. We will do this by innovating with format, news-collecting strategies and existing technologies.


We are a production of the social enterprise Volume.


We will conduct all our training on-site. Two separate site visits (one day each). More members of each station can join the training, not just the exclusive reporter.

We will present certificates to every person who attends each day of the training. Included in our training will be teachings for how our reporters can maintain their own safety and also be sensitive so as not to harm or endanger others.

We’ll also include basic journalism ethics and writing in our training. We are aware that regards of the story we will prioritise a victim anonymity if they request it and first and foremost, do no harm.